Fundacion, "Rescatados por un Sueño"


Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Khizr Khan, Carole King, Symone Sanders, Jill Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Tammy Duckworth, and Joe Biden

We are with them fighting hand in hand, to break with division and hatred, and return to the progress and peace that promote the values, on which our nation was founded ... The United States of America must continue united, because It is what makes us great, powerful and prosperous; join us and tell them, enough already! to division, discrimination and hatred, we are going to rebuild our great nation, on the basis of true love, the only thing that can make it possible for everything to change for the better, wholeheartedly voting for the option of true change; Joe Biden / Kamala Harris and the team of the Democratic Party, who represent for the American people, the great hope in these moments of deep crisis that we live. By Derwell Falu

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