Fundacion, "Rescatados por un Sueño"


4626419065?profile=RESIZE_710xThere are two things in life that potentially stand out in individuals; 1- Man and God's purpose for him. and 2- the woman and her great meaning.
It is impossible for God's purpose for man to be fully realized without the company and presence of woman in his life.
The man, not only must be clear about what a woman must mean next to him, and in his life, but, in addition to knowing, the great role that man must play in the life of a woman, must show good willingness and great satisfaction for executing it, in order to ensure, not only to fulfill his demand of God for man with woman, but also to provide her in every way, the satisfaction that woman deserves for being a created creature because of man. By Derwell Fallu

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Derwell J Fallu

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