Fundacion, "Rescatados por un Sueño"


6582439689?profile=RESIZE_710xOn July 4, 1776, men and women, who in the land of slaves, and who fought for a better future for their country and for their people, set a precedent on the calendar on July 4, 1776, achieving that America of slaves. became a totally free country! 6582447690?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Eagle represents that freedom that these men and women won in their fight for their country and for their people, but that fight achieved much more than just freedom, also for its courage and determination, they achieved wealth and power. Without even suspecting that the United States of America would later become the most powerful and respected nation in the world. Today this great nation is the greatest symbol of freedom for all men on the planet, and I call it; "United States of America, the great country of Dreams" where dreamers from all over the world come, for the conquest of their dreams. May God bless the United States of America! By Derwell Fallu6582455496?profile=RESIZE_710x

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